We arrived in Malta yesterday and are loving it here. After our long flight from Seattle to Frankfurt, we were so eager to see Malta from our airplane window as we landed. b2ap3_thumbnail_4-IMG_3873.jpgThe scenic coastal views, blue Mediterranean water, and historic limestone fortifications and towers are breathtaking and the people of Malta have made us feel welcome.

Upon our arrival on June 22nd, we took the evening to get rested in preparation for our tour of Valletta and first performance in Paola at Church of Christ the King. In Valletta, we enjoyed a driving and walking tour from our new Maltese friend and guide, Vivian, and used our free time to explore the shops and St. John's Co-Cathedral (built by the Knights of Malta in the mid-1570s). We feasted on pastizzi, gelato, and other local fare, while enjoying the unique flavor of Malta's own "Kinnie" soda (made from Mediterranean chinotto bitter oranges and combined with an infusion of aromatic herbs and spices). We don't have anything like Kinnie soda and  it's so refreshing! 

The architecture of St. John's Co-Cathedral presented a humble facade; blending in with its limestone beige/yellow brick surroundings surroundings. However, inside held a treasure of carved stone walls by Michael Preti and Baroque art, including an impressive collection of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Amore Conductor and Artistic Director Sara Boos, was also thrilled to see the room full of large Choral Books from the early 1500s.

b2ap3_thumbnail_6-IMG_4001.jpgWe also enjoyed the air conditioned "Malta Experience" presentation that shared the 7000 year history of Malta.

Our first concert at Paola's Church of Christ the King was a hearty welcome. We participated in the evening Mass and performed a concert to parishioners afterward. Our audience in Paola warmed our hearts and sang along with us during "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

We're almost over the jet lag from flying and looking forward to exploring more of Malta!