8. Where the Heart Is: Concert Highlights (2004-2006)

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Track Listing

1. He Came Down (Traditional Cameroon Song, arr. Nancy Grundahl)

2. Deep River (African-American Spiritual, arr. Donalk Patriquin)

3. Homeward Bound (Marta Keen, arr. Jay Althouse)

4. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (Vera Kistler)

5. I Love a Piano (Irving Berlin, arr. Don Besig)

6. Pat-a-Pan (French Carol, arr. Clare Grundman)

7. E Nana Kakou I Na Manu (Herb Mahelona, arr. Henry Leck)

8. In Anchor Bay (Sue Bohlin)

9. Fire, Fire My Heart (Thomas Morley, arr. Norman Greyson)

10. On suuri sun ranta autius (Finnish Folk Song, arr. Matti Hyökki)

11. Ain't That News (Traditional Spiritual, arr. Stephen Hatfield)

12. Stop! In the Name of Love (Dozier, Holland & Holland, arr. Roger Emerson)

13. Watershed (Emily Saliers)

14. This We Know (Ron Jeffers)

15. Dúlamún (Michael McGlynn)

16. Frobisher Bay (James Gordon, arr. Tamarack)

17. Tota Pulchra Es (Maurice Duruflé)

18. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy (Traditional Trinidad Carol, arr. Stephen Hatfield)

19. Set Me as a Seal (René Clausen)

20. Five Hebrew Love Songs (Eric Whitacre)

21. Paper Cranes (Dwight Beckmeyer)

22. Punching the Dough (Alice Parker)

23. For Good (from Wicked) (Stephen Schwartz, arr. Mac Huff)

24. Behold That Star (African-American Spiritual, arr. Phillip Kern)


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