Tuition and Financial Aid


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2017-2018 Tuition Rates

Tuition can be paid in one of three payment plans - Plan A (one payment); Plan B (two payments); or Plan C or D (monthly payments). 

Annual Tuition

Mid-Year Enrollment
(JAN-JUN 2018)

Prep Choir Grades 1-2 $880.00 $440.00
Fresca Grades 3 and up
$1,225.00 $612.50
Amabile Grades 4 and up
$1,650.00  $825.00
Vivace Grades 6 and up
$1,680.00  $840.00
Amore Grades 9 and up
$1,825.00  $912.50
Ensemble Grades 10-12 $2,200.00  ---

Additional Costs 

An annual registration fee ranges from $75 - $100, depending on the choir level. Ticket prices for our mainstage concerts (December, March, and May/June) range from $8 - $25 per person. Tickets are available through (search "northwest girlchoir").  For auditioned choirs (Fresca and up), spring/summer tours are an additional and optional expense. 

Sibling Discount 

A 10% discount on tuition is offered for the youngest sibling participating in Northwest Girlchoir. 

Financial Aid/Scholarship 

Northwest Girlchoir values accessibility and diversity, and has a long-standing, growing financial aid program.  We encourage participation by any enthusiastic young singer regardless of ability to pay full tuition. Financial aid applications are distributed with enrollment packets; awards will be offered before the first week of rehearsal. Financial awards can be granted up to 85% of annual tuition. 

2017-18 Financial Aid Application 

To learn more about our Registration and Tuition process, and to find the answers to frequently asked questions, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 


Schedule for Tuition Refund or Reduction 2017-2018 

Choristers may be due a tuition refund or reduction if they withdraw from choir before the end of the season due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Parents of choristers must give written notice of their intent. The tuition refund or reduction will be based on the date that the written notice is turned in to the Northwest Girlchoir office. Please note if you are on an installment plan you must continue paying installments until you have paid the required portion. 

  • If written notice is given September 1, 2017 the family is liable only for the $75-$100 nonrefundable registration fee and any FACTS installment fees. 

  • If written notice is given before October 15, 2017 the family is liable for the $75-$100 registration fee, FACTS fees, and 1/4 of the annual tuition. 

  • If written notice is given before January 1, 2018, the family is liable for the $75-$100 registration fee, FACTS fees, and 1/2 of the annual tuition. 

  • If written notice is given AFTER January 1, 2018, the family is liable for the $75-$100 registration fee, FACTS fees, and the entire 2017/2018 tuition.