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As a non-profit organization, Northwest Girlchoir relies on donations from our community to provide youth from diverse backgrounds with joyful, developmentally appropriate, and experiential music education. This year, tuition only covers 43% of the cost for a chorister to participate in choir. Donations from supporters like you are vital to ensure great teachers, music from around the world, scholarships for tuition, and much more!

The goal of Counterpoint is for all families to participate and help sustain the choir by giving any amount. Whether it is $1 or $1,000, every donation counts! Please consider making your gift a monthly one. If you can afford a $10 or $25 gift this month, think of the impact you could make with that gift every month. Make your donation between October 9-27 to help your chorister win a fun prize for themsleves and their choir. Every chorister in any choir that reaches 75% participation in giving will get a gift, with the grand prize going to the choir with the greatest % participation.

The Meaning of Counterpoint

The musical term counterpoint describes music that contains several simultaneous melodies. Each voice is equally important and adds its own character, complementing and benefiting from one another’s unique and creative expression. Thank you for collaborating with one another and with Northwest Girlchoir through your support of our Counterpoint Fundraising Competition.

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Thank you so much for making a donation on behalf of your chorister's choir! When you make a donation, click on "Write us a comment" to mention which choir the donation is for. This helps us keep track!

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