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we Tour!

Northwest Girlchoir tours offer opportunities to work with amazing clinicians and to meet other choirs and audiences from around the region and world. 

Choristers forge new friendships, deepen current bonds with their fellow choristers, and gain pride in their choir through days of fun and hard work “on the road.” Singers gain valuable musical and life skills through performing for unfamiliar audiences and managing themselves in new environments; they grow as individual musicians and as a cooperative ensemble. Tours are optional but highly recommended. Fees for tours are in addition to the annual tuition, and financial aid is available through Northwest Girlchoir’s Scholarship Program.


Our Touring Program

  • Fresca: One-day tour to elementary schools, senior centers, or museums.

  • Amabile: Two-day (one overnight) tour to a choral festival or collaboration with a regional choir, in places like Olympia, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C.

  • Vivace: Bi-annual five-day festival participation, at festivals like picFest in Eugene, OR and Sing-A-Mile High in Denver, CO

  • Amore: International tour every three years to places like Argentina, Italy, France, and Australia.

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