Choir Programs

Be a part of the tradition of Northwest Girlchoir!

Be a part of the tradition of Northwest Girlchoir!

Dazzling audiences since 1972, Northwest Girlchoir offers outstanding music education and a welcoming community where girls and young women can learn, grow, and be themselves. We’re proud to serve over 250 girls in grades 1-12 from across the greater Puget Sound region.

Singers in Northwest Girlchoir participate in several mainstage concerts and community performances throughout the year, with opportunities to travel on tour. Read below to learn more about opportunities to join and be a part of Northwest Girlchoir!

January 2017 Enrollment Deadlines:


  • Amabile, Vivace, Amore choirs (grades 5-12) - audition by Friday, Jan. 6 and start next week.
  • Fresca choir (grades 3-5) - audition by Friday, Jan. 13 and start by week of Jan. 16.
  • Prep Choir (grades 1-2) - sign up online and begin attending rehearsals by week of Jan. 16.

Grade 1 & 2: Prep Choir (no audition required)

First and Second graders are invited to sign up for Prep Choir on our website - no audition needed! January 2017 registration for Prep Choir will begin later this fall. Enrollment questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Learn about Northwest Girlchoir's Grade 1 and 2 non-auditioned Prep Choir.

Grade 3 through Grade 12: Auditioned Choirs

We invite you to audition for one of our four auditioned choirs: Fresca (grades 3-5), Amabile (grades 5-7), Vivace (grades 7-9), and Amore (grades 9-12). We will help place you in the choir that is the best match for your experience, aptitude, age, and desired level of challenge. Visit the Grades 3 -12 Choirs page to learn more about each choir level and auditioning.

Auditions for January 2017 entry are happening throughout the fall and winter!

Click here to schedule your audition!

Our next audition dates are December 30 and January 2.

Call the Northwest Girlchoir office at (206) 527-2900 or email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Northwest Girlchoir Location

Northwest Girlchoir is located west of I-5 at Northgate, inside the North Seattle Alliance Church (2150 N 122nd St., Seattle, WA 98133). Adjacent to the East Entrance doors.

Choir Tours

Tours are an integral part of Northwest Girlchoir programming. From a Fresca day tour at the Woodland Park Zoo, to a Vivace choral festival in Denver, to a two-week Amore tour to Australia, all auditioned choirs have the opportunity to go on tour as local, national, and international musical ambassadors! Learn more about the Northwest Girlchoir touring philosophy.